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About us

Down to Earth.

"Where nature is the teacher."

Down to earth forest school

We offer a range of  forest school sessions for all ages and abilities in Co Galway

  • Little twigs toddler groups,

  • Wilderness clubs (After school)

  • Woodland camps,

  • Summer camps with Brigits Garden from 5-7 and 8-12.

  • Family forest fun days.

  • School visits.

  • Forest school introduction days for adults.

  • Forest school leadership training 



Down to earth Traditional crafts

We offer workshops in traditional and natural crafts

for both children and adults  all around Ireland.     


Our ancestors lived and relied on the natural  world around them for all their daily needs,

food, fuel, storage, clothing and much much more. Nature provides the most amazing

materials to entice our creativity, along with story and song related to our local

environments, provides a feast for our imagination and wonderment. 

One of my passions is using natural materials in a sustainable way, remembering

to take only what I need and always leaving much more than I take.

I think it is so important to learn which plants in our areas are on the protection

list so that we know what to pick and more importantly what not to pick. 

Like all creativity, its about exploration of our materials, trying them out and playing.

In this website I will add natural seasonal craft ideas, with stories and songs that

you can share with both with children and adults. 

So here's to lots of creative natural Fun.

Carol Barrett

So a little about me....

I am happiest in nature and Forest school is bringing all my passions into one creative mix.

I am passionate about Crafting with natural materials,

foraging, singing, telling stories, folklore, listening to birds and walking in the woods.

I love spending time with both children and adults in Nature and enjoy sharing curiosity ,

creativity and wonderment.

I am a Qualified forest school practitioner, special needs assistant,

approved therapeutic forest practitioner, leave no trace guide and

 Forest bathing guide. 

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