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Coil Baskets

Coil baskets are made all over the world, Using dried grasses/ rushes/ sedges and other plant material. The  dried plant mater is stitched together in a coil and followed around using a darning needed, natural fibres, cordage or string.

In Ireland it was traditional to use straw to make baskets, bee hives, chicken carriers, chairs, cradles and much more, they used Bod deal (fibres from bog pine, which had been preserved in the bog and was water resistant.)

I have  been experimented with a few different local materials such as Cleavers, scutch and cutch grass, Pine needles, broom shoots, Black bog rush, common rush,  plaited bull rush and mont bretia leaves.

I am sure there re lots more material that would be suitable for making coil basketry, other common materials that can be used are recycled material/ fabric and newspaper. 



Here I am giving a coil weaving demonstration on zoom for the Irish forest school association Spring webinar.

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