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On this page we will look at different types of cordage and rope making.


A Lucet dates back to medieval times and is a wooden tool for braiding cord, used on clothing, bags etc.

The cord  that it produces is square in shape.

To make this Lucet:

  • Find a Y stick and drill a wide hole in the Centre,

  • then whittle the edges of the arms to take off the edges.

  • Follow the video for instructions on how to use it.

Norwegian braiding Game

I leant this  from my Forest school mentors  Carol and Elizabeth from

Its a game for two or for four people, Four long stings are tied together with a weight at the end,

you alternatively pass a piece of wood/ wood cookie tied to  string

  • Using 4 wood cookies as weights, tie  4 (1 meter) length of twine on to each weight, 2 colours work best.

  • Tie the other ends together and hang from a branch.

To play the game, each hold a piece of wood, with a different colour in each hand.
Your friend has the opposite colours in their hands, You swap the same colour diagonally to each other and then the other keep going till desired lenght.

Singing helps this process.

Nettle cordage

Bramble Cordage

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