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Natural print Easter eggs.

  • Firstly make natural dyes by boiling up onion skins for 45mins, making sure there will be enough water to completely cover an egg. You can also use: Red cabbage, beetroot, turmeric

  • Collect some lovely leaves and flowers.
    We collected Dandelion flowers and leaves, daisies, ferns, herb Robert leaves and flowers.

  • Use a small bit of glue and glue on your leaves and flowers.

  • Then using old tights, wrap the egg and carefully tye it secure, leaving no gaps. This will hold the leaves in place.

  • Remove the plant material from the dyes to leave just liquid.

  • Put the eggs into the boiling dye water.
    (Some people say to allow the dye to cool down and leave the egg steeping over night, but we wanted to do this with our woodland family folk so decided to try boiling the egg in the dye , to make it quicker and it worked)

  • Let the eggs boil in the dye water for about 60 mins

  • Carefully remove, cool down and untie the package.

  • Hay presto, lovely decorated eggs.

  • Polish with a little oil to make them shine.

  • We made a few tie dyes with the left over dye.

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