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Natural Printing and Painting

Hape Zome/ Leaf and flower printing

Hape Zome is a Japanese Craft, capturing the colour and image of planets, leaves and flowers. Its a favourite in forest school for all ages. We sometime add a stick to make Wild flower Flags or hanging pictures. 

1.Collect some flowers and leaves.


2.Cut on old pillow case of sheet into squares and find a wooden board and a rock (rubber mallets or hammers can also be used.)

3. Place a flower or 2 on one side of the material (adding a drop of water helps the colour to come out).

4. Close over the material so the flower is covered and give it a few taps with the rock, watch the colour burst out.
Add more flowers and leaves as desired.

5. When you open It up you have a mirror image.

Natural Painting

Nature provides plenty of materials to make Paints and colours. Colour is all around and ready to explore.

We use a pestal and Mortar to mash up the ingredients with water to make the paint, if the paint is a little runny flour or honey can  be added to it.

Pink: Rose petals

Green:  Dandelion leaves, nettles, Cleavers, wild spinach, Kale, cabbage, spirallina

Red: Fuchsia Flowers, rose hips, Beetroot Juice

Purple: Red Cabbage, Comfrey flowers,

Yellow: Tumeric powder or root (This stains skin for a day)

Brown: Mud, leaf mulch.

Paint Brushes: You can make your own paintbrushes using sticks with twigs or leaves tied to the ends or pinecones.

Natural painting
Natural Ink 

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