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May whistle


The May whistles are a beautiful joyous, tout sweet, little natural instrument that can only be made when the sap is traveling up and down the trees capillaries.

They can be made from most deciduous trees especially, Willow, Ash and Oak. 

Here is a step by step guide on how to make it and a little video to follow..

1 The may whistle can be made from ash, willow, oak or sycamore. (and possibly other hard woods) the wood must be alive. Select a branch that is finger thick and 2 fists long)
Remember to ask the tree first. 

2 Using a sharp knife cut a mouth piece at the top

3.On the back side under the mouth piece, cut a straight line and then cut upwards to make a smile.


5. Then 3 finger width down cut through the bark all the way around in a circle..


7.Then using a hard object (but not sharp) , tap gently all the way around the whistle (this will break the capillaries and allow the bark to be removed).
If the bark cracks here you will have to start again.

8. Hold the whistle bark firmly and twist and it should come right off.


10. Then deepen the smile grove that you made already to create a sound chamber.
Firstly by deeping the straight line at the top.

11.Then Cut half way down the whistle to the core of the wood to create this chamber (keeping it clean)

12. Then remove the pith from the Centre.

13. Then slice off a thin 2 to 3mm of the front month piece.

14. Replace the bark and blow. 💚💚💚  

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