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Crois Belts


The Crois belts was a traditional belt worn by men on the Aran islands, It is very similar to the belts made in central America, where it is known as strap weaving.



Sprang weaving.

An ancient technique for weaving stretchy cloth used for bags, hats, hair nets, stockings etc.

Fragments have been found from neolithic times all over Europe, the America's, Asia and India.

Peg Looming 

The country is full of raw wool at the minute, farmers are sheering their sheep with little market for it.

I approached a very nice local farmer and was give 8 heritage breed fleeces, of brown and white wool.

I washed them over night in buckets with soapy water, rinsed and dried in the sun.

Made a very simple peg loom and using the raw wool, with out cardoning and started to weave a very simple and beautiful woolen rug.

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