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Winter/ geimhreadh

The poem-book of the Gael. Translations

The poem-book of the Gael. Translations from Irish Gaelic poetry into English prose and verse by Hull, Eleanor, 1912

The book of Irish poetry by Graves, Alfr

The book of Irish poetry by Graves, Alfred Perceval, 1846-1931

Winter Crafts 

Christmas / Yule tide

  • Reindeers made from cut branches, holes drill in the head and body for the legs, neck and antlers made from sticks, can be glued with PVA to keep in place, a scarf can be nice. (see photos)

  • Clay reindeer with stick antlers or clay elves/ fairies with leaf clothing and acorn hats.

  • Wood cookie decorations.

  • Oranges decorated with Cloves.

  • Christmas wreaths.

  • Christmas Star using willow.

  • Small branches/ twigs with glue covered in flour to make snowy trees, can stand them up in a snowy mountain of clay.

  • Christmas tree made from wood 

  • Pinecone snowmen (covered in glue and white flour) can glue on felt/ leaf hats and scarves.

Frost/ Snow

  • Frozen petals/leaves/seeds (leave flowers/ leaves in water on a plate/bowl/ground over a frosty night.)

  • Pictures made with glue and sprinkled with white flour.

Fire crafts

  • Charcoal made on a fire (using a small metal tin with holes pierced in the lid and small pieces of willow or ash debarked inside. Place the tin in the fire and leave in till the smoke stops coming through the hole/ leave to cool before opening.) 

  • Charcoal drawing / charcoal camouflage paint.

  • Charcoal pencils using elder pushed into the soft pith, it helps to make a small hole with wire or tent peg first)

Wood Crafts

  • Wooden Cars

  • Sun Dial (Made on a wood cookie with a hole drilled in it and a small stick casts a shadow.)

Games/ Activites

  • Journey stick (take the stick for a walk and collect bits of nature to add to the stick, held on with string/wool/elastic bands/ making tape with sticky side out)

  • Find the coloured pinecone games. Hot and cold to help finding. 

  • painting stones and sticks/ magic wands or swords.

  • Mud painting on white cloth/paper/rocks using twigs. 

  • Mud and charcoal camouflage (stripes on face)

  • Animal Tale game (catch each other’s tale, tales can be hands/ sticks/grass/string/ribbon etc.)

  • Sleeping Animal and sleeping nature, quite time for stories and song. 

  • Reeds/ rushes collected and cut with scissors into small parts and used for sorting/ gluing/ confetti or beads.

  • Reed and rush weaving using y sticks (branches/ sticks cut in a y shape and string to around it to make a loom or loom made between to trees. Different grasses/plants/ wool/ branches can be added to the weave.

  • Mouse / fairy houses in nukes and crannies in nature, sticks and leaves to make doors. 

  • Bird feeders (pinecone and peanut butter or seeds and vegetable lard rolled into balls, you can poke a stick through them to hang up.)

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