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Forest school research

Research in Ireland

  • Irish forest school association resources page

  • The ‘Glen Outdoor School’: The impact and implications of Outdoor Risky Play on the ‘Glens’ preschool children’s holistic growth by Trisha MacLaughlin

Irish News articles
Irish research on outdoor play
  • Children's risky play. Barnardos (2011)

  • Outdoor Play Matters, Barnardos PDF (2014)

  • Outdoor play policy. Early childhood Ireland (2016)

  • Nurture through nature, The importance of outdoor experience for children Heritage outlook Magazine. 2010

  • Wild Child Poll Quantitative Survey  2010 Heritage Council

  • Síolta  The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education on Play

Research Scotland/ England/ Wales
  • Forest school: evidence for restorative health benefits in young people.  by Jenny Roe, Peter Aspinall and Catharine Ward Thompson (Edinburgh College of Art).

  • An evaluation of Forest School in England , October 2005.  Richard Murray and Liz O’Brien

  • Forest School and its impacts on young children: Case studies in Britain Liz O’Brien and  Richard Murray

  • Froebal Outdoor play Pamphlet

Forest school associations
  • Irish Forest school association IFSA

  • Northern Ireland Forest school Association NIFSA;vat=1506450216

  • Forest school Association FSA

  • Forest school Wales

Forest school Books

  • Gill, T. (2007) No Fear: Growing Up in a Risk Averse Society. London

  • Louv, R. (2010, 2nd edt) Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from NatureDeficit Disorder. London: Atlantic Books.

  • Cornell, J. (1989) Sharing Nature with Children II, Nevada City: Dawn Publications

  • Holland, C., (2009) I love my World Otterton: Wholeland

  • Knight, S. (2013) Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning in the Early Years, London: Sage (2nd edition – the 1st edition is out of date)

  • Knight, S. (2011) Forest School for All, London: Sage

  • Grey P. (2013) Free to learn:  Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life

  • Ellen Haas, Evan McGown, and Jon Young (2010) Coyote Guide to connecting with Nature.

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