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Hedge row Baskets

Bramble Baskets

  • Pick long brambles using secateurs

  • Using gloves, rub with rough sandpaper to remove thorns.

  • Choose 8 similar sized brambles and cut to about 1 foot long for the spokes

  • make splits into the middle of four and put the other 4 through them.

  • Follow the videos below to make the basket.

Willow Bark .

Willow bark is an amazing nature material to work with , it like leather. It can be taken from coppiced branches in the spring to  the summer when the sap is travelling up and down the Branches.

It is not safe to cut the bark from living/ growing trees, that is why the branches must be coppiced or cut first, removing the bark can kill most trees.

Here is a great video on how to do this safely:

Brambles cordage

Bramble splitting

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