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Summer/ samhradh

Song of summer

Selections from ancient Irish poetry by Meyer, Kuno, 1911

Selections from ancient Irish poetry by

A June day

The book of Irish poetry by Graves, Alfred Perceval, 1846-1931

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Summer Crafts

Flowers / leaves

  • Natural painting and natural paint brushes.

  • Dry flowers used for pictures on paper/card or glued on wood cookies.

  • Flower mosaic (glued to card/paper)

  • Flower, leaf, shell, mandala on the ground.

  • Willow crowns with flowers added.

  • Cleaver crowns with flowers added.

  • Hape Zome (wildflower prints/ flags)

  • Garlands (strings of flowers and leaves)

  • Painted leaves.

  • Leaf rubbing

  • Daisy chains.

  • Fern printing (cover ferns with paint and use to make prints on paper/ fabric/ wood.

  • Nature Bracelets (masking tape on backwards)

May/ Bealtaine celebrations

  • May Bush or may alter, collect hawthorn flowers.

  • May pole with ribbons, decorated daily. (may pole song)

  • Flower picking and put into baskets, procession around the woods with the Queen of  the may.

Games/ Activities

  • Obisana song and game, (Obisana stop and pick a blue flower.)

  • Water fun, what floats and what doesn’t.

  • Cleaver stick back game, attach a cleaver to someone’s back and everyone has to catch it, person who catches it attaches it to their back.  

  • Twig boats (made with sticks and string/ masking tape)

  • Make a sundial (sing a sick stuck in the ground and stones around it to observe the shadows. 


  • Bumble Bee/ ladybird painted stones 

  • Hape zome Buterflies.

  • Ash key / sycamore key dragonflies glued to twigs.


  • Cleaver juice. Using a pestle and mortar mash up cleaver with water and strain through a bunch of dry cleavers to drink or use as paint.

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