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Seasonal crafts, folklore and customs

Our ancestors worked and lived with the cycle of the earth and knew when to harvest and how to use all the natural material growing around them. They knew how to use them for different things at different times of the year. They foraged for food, grew crops and live stock, hunted and fished.

They harvested and processed materials for clothing, blankets, utensils and for art.

The close connection and awareness of what was happening around them was vital for their survival. The spiritual side of this connection made for seasonal festivals of gratitude and celebration. 


 In the ancient Irish Calendar the days began at sunset and the year began at Halloween on the 1st of November (Or at sunset on the 31st of October. )


Always the darkness before the light.

The four sun calendar day are the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

The four Fire festivals are Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasa and Samhain.

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